Friday, February 15, 2013

{Homeschool} Learning Board

 I am so thankful to have a dedicated spot for our school area in our family room.  It's not a separate room in our home but I'm not sure I'd want that anyhow.  I like that I can be in our kitchen or living room and still see what's happening with everyone.  Our school area is a great place to work and leave books, projects, etc. out when we move onto something meals.  Do you know how much I appreciate not needing to clear our table every time I serve a meal?! 
Because we have a school area, I'm getting on board with the idea of having "schoolish" type things hanging on the walls.  In the past I've been totally opposed to that idea but there are some things that we need to review every day.  It is much easier to simply glance at our new learning board than it is to pull out a binder full of review pages.
I thrifted the cork board (and really, really nice wooden) frame ($4) and covered it with wrapping paper to hide the many, many pin holes in the matte board.  I photocopied items from Isaac's Saxon 1 Math books that we need to review every day and put it all together on the board.
Typical school day...doesn't it look so idyllic?!  Ha, ha!
We do have our shining moments like this.  And then we have our not-so-shiney moments, too!
Isaac wanted to teach Sadie the ABC's.  I love these large foam letters better than any other ABC manipulative we've tried.  I picked them up at The Dollar General several years ago for $1 per package.  Each package had 26 letters and I must have purchased five or six packages.  They are lightweight, colorful, store easily, and have held up really well.

Here's Isaac's (almost) finished board waiting to be hung on the wall.  I need to add his birthday, our address, and phone number.  I still have space to add other items and will change things around as needed.  So far, it has proven to be very handy! 

As a bonus, this board has added a touch of color in this room.  It's just what we needed in so many ways!


Christephi S said...

We don't have a dedicated school room either. We live in a small duplex, so there are just the two bedrooms, the kitchen (which is nice and big) and the living room. One wall of the kitchen holds our computer, a cabinet with our printer and some art supplies, and Miss M's school desk. I use our hallway for posters and displays most of the time. I change things out a lot (thank the Lord for ticky-tacky!)

Those foam letters are fantastic! I wonder if they still have them at Dollar General. I should go check it out 'cause my son is really wanting to learn to read (he's 3 and letters are a start!) :-)

abigail said...

I'm waiting for the communion bread to cool even though I REALLY want to be sleeping, so I thought I'd quickly sneak on here and let you know that
#1. I love Sadie's tights. She is such a darling girl.
#2. The view into the next room over makes me want to live there. The rug! The coffee table! I love the color choices.
#3. Great board! Great idea!
But mostly
#4. I've been enjoying your 365 day project on my blog reader and realized I wasn't letting you know I was even reading! I get out of the habit of blog-commenting whenever I quit posting regularly, but it's not fair to enjoy your photos without at least occasionally letting you know I read. So, yes, thank you. :) Your photography skill is growing by leaps and bounds, too!