Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Mosaic Reviews} How Do We Know God is Really There?

I thought it would be interesting to ask my kids this question individually without hearing each other's responses...
Elijah, age 10: "The Bible tells me about God.  God answers my prayers.  I feel his protection and presence."
Luke, age 9: "God talks to me through prayer.  The Bible tells me about Him.  I feel his love and protection."
Isaac, age 6: "I just believe.  I feel God with me, like if I'm scared, I can just pray."
Sadie, age 3: "My Sunday School teacher tells me about God.  Mommy prays with me."

We were given an opportunity to read How Do We Know God is Really There?, a picture book written by Melissa Cain Travis and published by Apologia.  In this book, we meet a boy, Thomas, and his father who enjoy spending time together before bedtime in their backyard tree house.  It is a special time where they catch up on the events of their days.  Often Thomas's dad brings along his telescope and they search for planets and stars. 
One night, after stargazing, Thomas asks his dad how we can know God is out there.  He questions whether or not there is proof that God exists.  Thomas's dad answers his questions by talking about the findings of Edwin Hubble in regard to the galaxies of the universe. Using scientific fact, he guides Thomas to realize the truth and proof of God's existence through a question and answer style of conversation.  Thomas's dad tells him that the more he learns about the universe, the more evidence he'll have to believe in our Creator God.
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands."  Psalm 19:1

I appreciated the conversational tone of this book.  Thomas's dad wasn't simply telling Thomas what to believe, but was guiding their discussion by challenging him to think and discover the answer about God's existence on his own.
The words spoken by Thomas's dad are somewhat sophisticated as an adult would speak and Thomas answers as a child would - in simple words that younger children can understand.  They go back and forth with Thomas's dad stating a fact or making a point, then Thomas restating it more simply.  This type of conversation allows young readers to understand the logic behind the scientific evidence.  It helps this mama understand as well!  He, he!!!
Beyond the content, the book appears to be quite well made with a hardcover and thick, semi-glossy pages.  The font is easy to read and each page has colorful illustrations that especially enhance the scientific portions of the text. 
I would love to see more books of this nature in the future - taking some of the "big" questions and answering them one by one in separate picture books. 
If you are interested in purchasing this book, reading a sample from the book, or learning about other materials by Apologia, please visit their website for pricing and other information!



Carrie said...


I REALLY LOVE that you thought to ask your children how they know God is there...very cool!

Traci Little said...

Looks great Kiley! Thanks for sharing!