Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Family} Iiiiii, Dada

 This little man rocks our socks!!!  Silas is 11 months old today.  How is that possible???!!!

We've been enjoying seeing his little personality emerge.  He's snuggly and gives hugs easily...especially to Mama, Dada, and Elijah.  Silas loves playing ball and throwing anything that seems throwable.  He's determined and somewhat strong willed.  He definitely knows what he wants.  Si loves our cats and plays with their food.  Naughty boy...he won't leave it alone.  This little man can scream with the best of them especially when he's being messed with by big brothers or Mama takes something away from him, like cat food.  Si loves being outside, crawling as fast as he can.  He's curious and brave and doesn't bat an eye about crawling away from mama though he gets upset if he can't see me in certain situations.

Obviously, Silas is pulling up and standing.  He's starting to take mini steps along whatever he's holding onto.  And stairs...he'd climb the stairs if I'd let him.  But I'm trying to teach him how to go down the stairs first before he has more freedom.

We're starting to recognize some words and signs... cat, Mama, Dada, ball, hi, bye, all done (this is the only sign we've taught an appropriate response when he's done eating rather than throwing his food!)

This particular evening, Mike was out mowing and Silas was hanging out by the door, a common hangout spot when any of the family is outside and he is not.  He kept yelling and waving, "Iiii, Dada!  Iiiii!"  Every time Mike walked in front of him, Silas got so excited.  

The cutest thing.  It made me giggle and cry at the same time.  

So thankful I was able to capture this moment.

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Such a very VERY great picture!