Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blessed Are the Children of Quilters...

I have a few things that I am passionate about in this life...

1. Pursuing and growing in my relationship with Jesus Christ
2. Investing in my husband and boys
3. Building relationships with extended family and dear friends
4. Homeschooling
5. Quilting...something I love, but have very little time for right now

A friend's husband jokingly said one time..."Why do you cut up large pieces of fabric into tiny pieces only to sew them them back together into big pieces again?"

It's therapy. It's exciting. It's colorful. It's relaxing. It's artistic. It's variety. It's orderly, yet it's random. It's mine. It's the one thing that I do only for me though others do benefit at times. There have been days that I need to ignore everything else and just quilt. Well, almost everything else besides the obligatory drinks, snacks and refereeing that goes along with having three boys. I love seeing the hour by hour progress made in quilt-making.

These pictures are proof of why...why you cut up fabric and sew it together again. This is what I love! I have a list a mile long in my head of the different quilts I hope to create someday. I pray God gives me many more days to pursue this passion.

If not, then the following quote applies..."Blessed are the children of quilters, for they shall inherit the quilts."

A few of the quilts I've made over the past recent years (look for more pictures in the future)

"Folk Art Flowers" made 2005

"Log Cabin" made 2006

"Luke's baby quilt - Fence Rail" made 2004

"Elijah's baby quilt - Half Square Triangles" made 2002

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