Saturday, March 15, 2008

Save me, Savers!

I have just been saved by my brave, courageous, strong, handsome "savers." Donned in costumes, the oldest with a cowboy vest, a cape and hardhat, the middle with a football uniform, and the baby with a pirate hat and knight's shield, they informed me that I was in danger. My briefing for the impending drama went something like this...

Mama, we're going to be your savers. You are sitting in the castle and you are a princess. Pretend your arm is broken. You need to yell loud, "Save me, savers! Save me! I see the Red Dragon is coming! Give me a Bible!"

Then you are going to pay us pennies that are chocolate because we saved you. So we will say, "I did a favor for you so you need to do a favor for me. I need 100 pennies for a reward."

And so, during the fierce battle with the dragon, the princess encouraged her savers, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you!" (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Finally the princess was declared, "Saved!" and while the pretend reward was thankfully given to it's brave recipients, the princess declared, "You are my heros forever!"

The boys pretend a lot. One day, they'll be packing bags and snacks to go camping at Penn-York Camp. The next day, they'll pretend to be the Boxcar Children living in the woods and picking blueberries for dinner with their dog, Watch. Another time, they'll be little David in battle with Goliath. Every day varies, but one thing remains constant...tons of adventure and imagination!

I Just Thought It...Number 2:
Spoken by Eli and Luke: "Mama, we're going to be your savers!"

I love being a part of what my boys imagine...I love seeing their little minds at work...I love seeing them work together for a common goal even though it's imaginary...I love that they want to fight the "evil minions" (newest battle term learned from Veggie Tales)...I love that they want to rescue their "princess."


Jennifer said...

Wow! What a great picture of the boys. That one is definitely a keeper. You could even crop it and blow it up.

I hope that my little ones, once they're a bit bigger (of-course), are as creative as the Farwell boys. It must be so fun to watch their little minds work.

Daniel said...

Wow, Kiley, This takes me back to my own precious memories of days gone by. I always knew you'd be the greatest of moms. In every way.
God Bless you dear Princess.
You have always been a Princess in our eyes.
Love you,