Monday, March 17, 2008

Rainbow Art

I knew something was up when the kitchen grew extremely quiet this morning. The boys were sitting at their table doing Rainbow water color painting using large sponge brushes to load several colors at once to paint a "rainbow." Well, I poked my head around the corner and all three boys were actually minding their own business painting gorgeous artwork. Little Isaac, however, was not using his paper; he was painting his body, mostly his face and hair. I said, "Ike, what are you doing?" And, with his usual cheesy grin, he grunted happily, "UUUHHHH!" The paint mixed with a runny nose and a few chocolate chip dribbles made for one messy child. (yes, you heard me right, chocolate chips before lunch time...!)

At the risk of someone thinking I never bathe him, I am hoping that I don't have any surprise visitors. Besides, I have to give him a bath tomorrow morning for a doctor's appointment...who else feels obligated to bathe their child the morning of a doctor visit, even though you really don't have time, just to make sure the pediatrician doesn't question your mothering...??!!!

In truth, I really don't want surprise visitors because I have not bathed myself, but I will spare you any pictures...

1 comment:

Jenn said...

ha ha I can't wait until Avery gets this messy. Wait, I can!!! I love yoru blog, you're doing an amazing job with it!!!