Thursday, March 20, 2008

Morning Fresh Scent

How my afternoon unfolded...I'm downstairs and the boys are all upstairs supposedly in rest time. Eli finds me and says, "Mama, do you wanna know what Luke just did?"

I cautiously answer, "Do I WANT to know what Luke just did?"

"No," Elijah answers definitively, "But, we're gonna need some napkins..."


Five minutes later..."Mama, we need some wipes..." Luke says with a smirk.

I still don't know what happened upstairs, but there is lots of giggling now...and a strong scent wafting down the stairs...time to intervene...

Oh, lovely...Shower to Shower "Morning Fresh" scent. Dumbfounded, Luke said, "I just wanted to put some on my tummy and it kept shaking out!" (As if he had no control over his body or the container...) Eli pronounced, shaking his head in a disapproving, fatherly way, "This is not good."

The bad news...the boys were using wipes to clean it it's somewhat clumped and really rubbed into the carpet. The good bedroom smells "Morning Fresh"...perfect for hosting our company this weekend!"

I Just Thought It...Number 3:
Spoken by Elijah: "We're gonna need some napkins...This is not good..."

I Just Thought It...Number 4:
Spoken by Luke: "It just kept shaking out..."


Liana said...

I love it!

Now Kiley- they do have this thing called Febreeze... it works well...

love to you all!

Leah said...

I love your blog!

Sounds like your all having fun! As much as I know it must get tiring at times, I can't wait to have my own baby getting into things. :)