Thursday, March 27, 2008

We're Mini Mikes!

Our family on Resurrection Sunday just before heading off to church...ooohhh, so matchy-matchy. I didn't actually intend to make our whole family match that just ended up happening.

For many months, Elijah and Luke have wanted their own little ties and dress shirts "just like Dad." I tried to appease them with men's ties from the Salvation Army, but they looked kind-of goofy with really long ties and polo shirts. We decided to surprise them with dress clothes for Easter Sunday. I even found shirts in the same colors as Mike's. The entire week before Easter, the boys kept asking me if they could "dress like Dad." Much to their dismay, I kept telling them that their dress clothes were only for Sundays or special occasions. Now, they are both determined to wear their new "dressing clothes" (that's what Luke calls it...) every Sunday..."so we can be cool and handsome just like Dad." (that's what Elijah says...)

When we arrived at church the boys ran in to see our resident Grandma and dear friend and announced, "We're mini Mikes!"

I Just Thought It...Number 5

Spoken by Elijah and Luke: "We're mini Mikes!"

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