Friday, May 16, 2008

Coffee Snob

I am a total coffee snob. Not a fancy, expensive coffee snob, but I definitely have my preference. I don't really like coffee shops, flavored coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, or any other coffee other than the one I make at home myself. I recently purchased an unknown brand of coffee from a particular low cost grocery store, to save a few dollars, and have regretted it immensely. And being the person that I am, I couldn't bring myself to throw out the nasty grounds. So every day for the past month or so, I've perked the nasty coffee and tried to take a couple sips hoping that each day I'd completely ignore the super bitter taste. Even adding extra of my favorite creamer could not hide the awful flavor. Consequently, I've been coffee deprived big time - not that that is such a bad thing, but it's thrown me off my normal morning routine.

Sometimes I find that I can't let go of things or say no to things that I know I shouldn't be spending time on. Take the coffee - how could I throw out a 35oz. tub of coffee...that would be like throwing out money. Take books - if I'm struggling through a book that I really don't care for, I can't stop reading it. Take scrap booking - I love the result, but don't make the time or really want to take the time right now...but Luke's baby book is done and Elijah and Isaac don't have so much as a scribble in their books. Take neglected furniture bought at cheap prices - I don't have the skills or energy to refinish it, but "it would be so great when..." Take marching band music from high school (13+ years ago) - It's a great trip down memory lane, but do I really care to or know how to play snare drum rudiments anymore and I don't have a full bass drum line to fill out the beat let alone an entire band to play the melody. Take various commitments - I know our family would be better for having the time at home, yet I still agree and continue pretending it's all good. And so it goes...

Wow...I didn't think this post would take route it has, but to bring it back around...I finally decided that I could let go of the nasty coffee. If you read an earlier post about our garden, it's been confirm by several people that coffee grounds are great for the guess where the nasty coffee is going???? But a new question has just come to the coffee grounds need to be used or can I just dump them into the leaf mulch sitting in my driveway???? UGH! Maybe I don't want to know because then I'll still be stuck with the nasty coffee.

So here I sit, holding my coffee mug filled with Folgers Medium Classic Roast with lots of International Delight French Vanilla creamer (I am a "Would you like some coffee with that cream?" kind of person!), sipping with contentment and relief that I started my morning routine the "right" way. Well, almost the right way...I've been "ignoring" my children to type about my coffee dilemma, but they are "doing homework" and coloring pictures of our future vacation adventures scheduled for the end of August. And I haven't enjoyed my morning worship time with the I must sign off, fill my coffee mug (only the second time) and really start the day right!

P.S. If you notice the time this post was's off by about 4 hours...meaning that it's almost 10:00am. Please, Lord, don't wire my children to wake up before 6:00am every day!

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