Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Luke Daniel!

Happy 4th Birthday to our little man, Lukey! Doesn't he have the sweetest red Kool-Aid stained smile? Here he is surrounded by his friends opening a few gifts.

On Sunday, the Farwell grandparents and favorite Aunt Libby came to celebrate. Grammy Potter came for an overnight visit as well. I don't do fancy cakes, but I was so excited that the frosting didn't "peel" the top layer of the cake off mixing crumbs into the frosting. Luke sprinkled the confetti. I didn't think ahead to check our candle status and much to my dismay, found only pink candles...Luke didn't mind too much only because I found cool frosting gel to write his name. Whew! Saved by the gel!

Here's Grammy Potter and Ike. He loves having his neck and ears rubbed!

Grandpa, Grandma, Elizabeth and the boys

Have you noticed something strange with Lukey's right eye? He got some sort of bug bite and had reaction to it. On Sunday morning he woke with his eye and temple swollen a bit. By that afternoon, his whole eye was swollen shut and the side of his head puffed out making his ear stick out funny. Do you think that stopped Luke? No way! Although, after much play, while lying on the couch waiting for a late lunch, he zonked out for 2 hours! He slept through all the activity and laughter in the middle of his party! He's back to normal now!

See, I told you that swollen eye didn't stop him! The whole family joined in for a rousing game of kickball. What a blast!

Aunt Libby (or in Ike-ease "EEE-BBBB") and Isaac tag teaming it rounding 2nd base.

Every time Elijah made it to the base safely, he'd pump his
arms and yell, "YESSSS!"

Luke's Birthday Party, Part 2...We had 3 families over to help celebrate with Luke - The Halls, Hardens and Sortores! In this picture we have most of the gang! Here goes from the back row: Hess Harden, Luke Sortore, the birthday boy Luke, Carter Hall, Elijah Farwell, Jonathan Harden. Introducing the front row: Abigail Harden, Jadon Sortore, Isaac Farwell, Selah Harden, Lawson Hall. MIA: Isaac Harden - the superhero of the gang - he's 10! Miss Huggable Hannah Harden - the baby of the bunch - the Hardy Bunch that is!

More yummy cake with a full layer of sprinkles (and no crumbs mixed in the frosting again! Amazing!) I decided to move the gang outside for the sake of cleaning up crumbly cake smushed into the floor! The only problem we encountered was the blowing wind snuffing out the flames so we squatted in the doorway to sing and blow out the candles.

I had to get a picture of Hannah (and mama, Linda) in here somewhere, but you can't see her very well...but trust me, she's cute!

Love those lips, Lawson!

Luke just before handing out the party bags to his friends. There were all kinds of goodies inside...stickers, squiggly straws, bubble gum, cosmic brownies, kazoos and sweetarts. But the best part didn't fit in the bags...

Here's Jadon with his parrot party hat!

Little Ike!

Elijah with cake corners and a shark hat!

Luke - my sweet 4 year old boy. You are full of energy and spirit. Nothing holds you back for long - you figure out a way to make it work. You are compassionate - getting comfort items when your brothers are hurt, putting your arm protectively around Isaac when he's nervous, staring adoringly at babies you meet and looking so proud when you get to hold one. You are funny - always being silly and making up jokes. You are tough and brave - you "shake it off" like the big dogs. You are smart - learning about your world and doing your "homework" with Elijah. You are sweet - or should I say a "sweet tooth." You are a wonderful little boy and I am blessed to be your mama! God gave us a special gift when He created you! I pray everyday, that of all the things you become and accomplish in this life, your number one priority would be to love Jesus with all your heart, soul and mind striving to bring Him honor and glory in all that you do and say! I love you!

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