Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Props To The Blogger Moms

For the record...I truly admire some of the moms I've mentioned in my previous blog entry and am not discrediting anything they are doing within their families. I know that I cannot decide what direction my family life, spiritual life, personal life and homeschool plans take based on someone else's decisions. I too easily let myself fall into this trap. I know that those moms struggle...I know that they don't lead a "perfect" life and I have read blog entries about their bad days. My main point was that I can't feel lousy about myself because my life isn't as "perfect" or organized or "on the ball" as theirs. I need to get over that impulse and take the wisdom and experience they have to share...not as gospel, but as the story of their lives. I am creating, with Christ, my own life story.

So, here's props to the blogger moms...I will keep reading and loving your ideas!

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Jodie said...

for the record Kiley, you are mingling in a tough crowd (ie. homeschoolers) when it comes to rubbing shoulders w/moms who literally, can & DO do it all. I would definitely be struggling against all of those same things that you said in your last entry (and maybe that's why I'm afraid of homeschooling - I don't think I could make it with the other moms) -- I'm glad we have eachother in the ongoing struggle to live out the story that God's writing in our lives.