Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Backwater Gamblers - June 1st

Our first outing, within one hour of arriving at our hotel, was to see a free amateur water ski show on the Rock River in Rock Island, Illinois. Cynthia (refer to previous entry) was completely confused and sent us all over the quad city area...there are three 44th streets/avenues in a 15 mile radius...WHY???!!!! We are not used to the numbered roads and streets and, of course, we didn't print off directions to the show because we have Cynthia. The craziest part is that Cynthia didn't go berserk when we turned onto a one way street going the wrong way for two blocks. She was absolutely silent...go figure! Let's just say there were a few heated moments before we arrived.

I had to put this picture in as proof that I really went on this trip with the rest of my family...you know how the picture takers of the family rarely have any pictures of themselves...

Starting out for the big finale...they were definitely amateurs at the beginning of their show season and had a super corny skit in between water ski acts. I was impressed that this final trick worked out...it was the best by far!

Front view of the pyramid...too bad the picture isn't great!

The end...literally!

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Liana said...

This looks like fun!