Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On Our Way - May 31st & June 1st

We headed off on the first leg of our journey on a rainy, muggy, gloomy morning weather wise, but our spirits were definitely sunny and bright! Our destination was almost 8 hours away in LaGrange, Indiana to stay overnight with my Uncle Larry and Aunt Karen. Almost immediately there were requests for TV!!!! No surprise here, though, because the boys had been counting down the days to this big treat! We held them off for several hours and enjoyed some of the less mind-numbing activities.

Mike and I kept busy with his new "toy, " a navigation tool...which we completely ignored for the first 1/2 hour of our trip because she was trying to send us off on all these crazy roads to get to the thruway..."Ding, dong....recalculating...make the next legal U-Turn...ding, dong..." But she proved herself a valuable tool later in the trip. Mike named her "Cynthia." His explanation to this (lame) name (in my book)..."she sounds kind-of real, but she's synthesized!" Anyhow...I stand corrected on the lame name... sort-of.

About nine hours and 4 pit stops later, we were welcomed with open arms at my extended family's house.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Larry with sneaky Luke in the corner...

Elijah and Luke enjoyed a tractor ride...this was definitely a treat!

At a pit stop, on day 2, playing hide and seek at the playground...who knew that some rest areas have playgrounds??!!! Go, Illinois!

Stretching and climbing...ahhhh, freedom from the car seat!

Hiding under a picnic table while daddy counts...

Elijah counting to 50 as fast as he can!

We arrived, with no wrong turns thanks to Cynthia, at our hotel in Moline, Illinois. It was pleasant, had free breakfast and we had lots of space in our room...2 queen beds and 1 double bed. The only bummer was the pool...it was freezing...but that didn't stop the boys. Mike and I kept telling ourselves that it really wasn't that cold once you got used to it. So far, so good!

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