Friday, June 13, 2008

John Deere - June 2nd

We visited the John Deere Tractor sites around Moline. It was awesome for the boys (and Mike, too) to climb up into these monstrous machines. I think the boys would have spent hours pretending to drive the tractors if we had taken the time.

Sitting outside the John Deere Pavilion showcasing the newest equipment.

Elijah taking a spin in the air-conditioned, shock-absorbing, passenger-carrying, CD playing, way cool tractor!

Isaac slept through most of it!

A GPS simulator where you could "plant" your own field. Apparently, the newest equipment has this technology where the farmer only needs to ride in the cabin to turn corners, but the GPS will guide the planting, etc. in even straight rows. Cool!

We wish we had a farm so we could own a machine like this one!

Luke ready to plant corn after practicing on the GPS simulator!

Isaac finally woke up in the John Deere Tractor museum to play on the kid sized tractors with Eli and Luke.

If you're ever out in Illinois - this is a neat place to visit and it's free!...unless you buy each of your children a matchbox sized tractor so they aren't sad about not owning the real thing!

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