Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Made It

When we finally arrived in Avoca, IA, there were hugs and smiles passed out everywhere! The big grins below occurred from Grandma stealing a kiss from Mike!

Grandma and Mike sharing a hug

Kiley and Grandma...I'm so thankful we are close to Grandma...she's awesome!

Cousin Calli helping to keep the kiddos busy and happy!

Cousin Josh...the newest Farwell boy hero! Josh rides motocross and the boys got to watch some clips of him racing which solidified his position of high honor in their eyes. Everywhere Josh went, the boys followed. Anytime Josh wasn't in sight, they were searching for him with looks of incredulity that he wasn't sticking tight to their sides. Josh was awesome with the boys and didn't appear to tire of their attentiveness. All we heard for days was "Josh this..." and "Josh that..." Now all we need is a picture of Josh in his racing uniform with his bike...hint, hint!!!!

"'re so sweet!"

We really enjoyed our days with Grandma, especially those few days before the wedding festivities really got into gear. Grandma was so loving and giving of herself and time with the boys and Mike and I. My only regret is that the time seemed to go by too quickly. Oh, how I wish we lived closer to drop in for the evening. But, we'll continue with our emails, phone calls and blog entries to keep in touch. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa Leroy!

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