Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grandma and Leroy's Wedding

It's time for a wedding! Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Glissman...young in spirit and not wasting a day of their lives.

The bride and groom...Grandma is all smiles as usual! Leroy, despite the look on his face here, is a really neat guy with lots stories to share. And I'm sure he was grinning inside!!!

Grandma was escorted down the isle by her son, Lee and son-in-law, Jim.

Luke getting the crazies out before the ceremony

Elijah practicing his wedding picture smiles

Isaac, imitating his big brothers and being super cute

Calli (Mike's cousin) and McKenna (daughter of Mike's cousin, Tony)

Kristi and Michelle (Mike's sisters) aka (atleast to Isaac) the candy girls...he kept going up to the cake table snatching handfuls of party mints with assistance from the girls. Can you believe they both bought their dresses separately and ended up buying the same one??!!!

Marion and Donna Jo (Grandma's step-daughter and husband)

Uncle Lee and Sandy (Mike's uncle)

Tony, April, McKenna and Brooklyn (Mike's cousin and his family)

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Heidi said...

I'm so glad you introduced yourself on my blog, Kiley! Your boys are adorable and I can't believe we have 'twin' Lukes! I guess we have a lot of things in common. :) I'll come back to visit.