Friday, June 20, 2008

Kiley, Kiley Quite Smiley...How Does Your Garden Grow?

It has been quite lovely and thrilling around the gardens of the Farwell Estate...ha, ha! We've worked hard over the past few years to improve our yard and outdoor space although most of the "Jones" around here are wondering why we just keep buying and moving more dirt. If you didn't know where we started, you'd probably think we hadn't done a thing in the past 6 years. But I am pleased with the progress especially with how our garden is growing despite its bleak beginnings. If you haven't read about how we started see my archived entries in May titled "Mother's Day Garden." Here are some pictures of the perennials we've added and the progress report on our garden.
Don't know what this is...from our Asian neighbor...she brings us flowers and such. Unfortunately I have a hard time understanding her and I'm sure she is telling me the names and exactly how to care for them. Smile and nod.

The rose bush we finally staked this must've needed it because it has never bloomed this well before.

Pretty pinky roses...a little wilted but still cheery

Pretty purple flowers...don't know this name either...are you beginning to see that flower names aren't important to me?! I pick things that I like and not much else matters. I name them by colors...maybe someday I'll have time to remember!

Brand new this year and doing well!

Pretty yellows from our neighbor

Now to some pictures of our garden. It floundered a bit while we were away on vacation, however, it has picked up momentum since returning with religious watering and lots of rain.



Red Onions

Peppers...hmmm...not growing very quickly...

Bush pickles

Sweet 100s - grape tomatoes

Green Beans

Sugar Snap Peas

Zucchini...finally doing well despite a midnight visitor nibbling away at the leaves.

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