Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chenunda Crik

Playing at the crik I enjoyed with my brothers and friends back in my hometown...

My mom, Shirley, always willing to join in on the fun

My favorite picture of the day

Looking for minnows

My favorite flowers for bouquets when I was little...

Why don't I live here anymore? Openness, Forest, Quiet, Insect noises, Crik

"Moe wok, mama!" (More rocks, mama!)

Do we even have snails in the 'burbs? My boys didn't seem to think least not this many in one place at one time


Tarah said...

with scenery like that I don't understand why you don't live there anymore either. You're crazy!!!

Jenn said...

Oh Kiley! How much fun! What a beautiful thing to be able to take your very own boys down to your old favorite haunts!!! It makes me homesick... :) I love reading about your fun family. So inspiring... love you and miss you! Jenn

abigail said...

This post resonates with me. I love to partake in my children's enjoyment of places I loved when I was their age, and the crick is paramount among these!