Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Garden Delight

We picked lots and lots of peas and wore ourselves out on fresh ones...I know I'll regret saying that this winter...but then I'll pull out some of the frozen ones.

We had our first bean harvest a few days ago...eating that first one reminded me of my Grandma Givens' garden and canning time.

Lettuce, Zuchinni, Cucumber, Peas

A bountiful bean harvest this morning...and it looks like many more to come.


Andrew & Jennifer said...

Wow Kiley! That's awesome. Great work. I really need to get over to see it before it's gone.
You know what...Andy was telling me that they are going to be starting up train rides from Victor to Scottsville - 40 min. roundtrip. I said, oh cool, the kids and I could get to Kiley's that way, but he doesn't know if there are drop-offs or just the ride. If it is a means of transportation...I'll be coming soon!!!

abigail said...

Summer really is the only time of year that I eat like I should. It's amazing how well and inexpensively one can eat with a burgeoning garden. God is so good!