Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tecan the Snail

Our family is proud to introduce Tecan, the wonder snail, the newest addition to our family. If you read in a previous post about Chenunda Crik, you would find that our boys were fascinated with the snails in the crik and disappointed that we don't seem to have any around here in the 'burbs. Elijah and Luke were telling this story to Mr. Mayne, our contractor, and the next day he showed up with a canning jar complete with snail, lettuce, milk cap pond and stick. This snail was a gift from one of his daughters to our boys. He told us Tecan had been a great pet and was very sociable. We kept Tecan's name, but usually shorten it to "T."

Slimin' around the yard while we clean his jar.

Acrobatic, too.

Quickly climbing up the side of his jar...I think he preferred the outdoors.

He made it to the top and slid around the edge until it was time to pick up the toys and go inside. Pet in a jar. Now that's my kind of pet.

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Liana said...

Pet in a jar...GREAT idea!!! Mr. T and I would also get along well!