Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finishing Touches

We've been busy little beavers around our home the past few weeks. When our contractor is not here working, we are doing odd jobs to keep the project moving saving a little money along the way. Painting, installing light fixtures & toilet paper holders, demolishing kitchen cabinetry, etc., etc. My main job has been keeping the boys busy, painting the trim and cutting in around the ceiling, windows and corners. But I have had one fabulous for the "accessories."

In my quest for the right shower curtain I found that nothing fit what I had in mind...too bold, to pastel, too metallic, too cutesy, too expensive, too ugly, too modern, too country, too boring, too white for little boys. I determined that the only solution was to sew my own's that for fancy?! Walking through the isles of JoAnn Fabrics was like heaven. Have I ever mentioned how much I love buying fabric?!

It seems that I just get the shower curtain laid out when real life interrupts and sewing gets pushed aside again. Or my "new-to-me" sewing machine, Husky, gets an attitude and quits working on me. Okay, I admit, it was user error that took the Husqvarna sales girl thirty seconds to fix, but I just didn't get the pictures in the owner's manual. I told her she was my hero and promptly hauled Husky back out to the van. Now I actually know how to thread my machine when changing presser feet...

I'm one quarter of the way blind hem stitch done, three to go. Be on the look out for pictures!

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Jenn said...

Okay, I am totally inspired to learn this blind hem stitch of yours. I miss working with fabric. I need to come home and find some pretty fabric! What beautiful work, my friend!!