Monday, July 14, 2008

Kitchen Before

Our home remodel project begins this week with the contractor. We've been busy this past week sorting and packing "extra" things that are able to be removed from our living spaces. The boys spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grammy Potter so we could prime and paint the living room and prep the kitchen. I feel like we are moving with all the boxes and packing, but it's also a great time to simplify as well. I know we are going to be in this state of "moving" for the duration of the project and pray that our best attitudes and behaviors will be shown during the midst of all of it!

Here's our kitchen facing the backyard.

Here's the opposite wall of the kitchen on an interior wall

Our little "eat-in-kitchen" area...wasted space in my mind since our dining room is eight steps away. We love the windows and all the light that is allowed to warm up our space. We usually have a kid sized table in this area where the boys work on art projects, play games and help with cooking.

The kitchen flooring that never, never looks clean despite my best efforts (well, my momentary attempts at best efforts...). I can't wait to see it gone!

This flooring is in our entryway/hallway closet. Fake rocks, anyone? Atleast this one hides some of the dirt!

Our half bath off the kitchen. My parents helped me paint and change out fixtures 2 years ago as a surprise for Mike while he was in New Orleans helping with Katrina relief efforts. We're keeping the newer fixtures but changing the sink and raising the light fixture higher which will allow the mirror to be hung higher which will allow Mike to actually see his face in the mirror without bending down...minor mistake on the surprise remodel! We didn't account for the old fixture's design and installation to not work with a new fixture.

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