Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bargain Wing Back

I stopped in at the Salvation Army the other of my favorite places...and found this awesome chair for $25. The colors are amazing with my other choices at home...a tad bit off on the green color, but not enough to notice. But, I'm learning that everything doesn't have to be perfect to look beautiful. Thanks to The Nester for sharing so many great ideas and tips!

I vacuumed and used Lysol on my bargain even though it was odorless upon purchase. I don't actually have a spot for it, but have been wanting to remove one couch and add two chairs instead to our living room for more options for placement. Three cheers for a deal!

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Amy Jo said...

Hi! Thanks for finding me! It's not often I come across a fellow ROchester blogger! I'm looking for some chairs, similar to what you found at the Salvation Army. Which location did you go to? The one just north of the airport? That's the only one I can think of... I'm hesitant to purchase something with cloth and cushioning that has been used. I had a lengthy conversation with a bug specialist who freaked me out about bed bugs and mites and so forth. Not an easy conversation to forget! But I really like the price tag of $25 compared to a new wing back chair for $400.... :)