Monday, September 22, 2008

Ladderback Chair Makeover

I am in shock over my recent furniture makeover...shock that I completed it so quickly and that I love the result so much! Here are the chairs that I bought almost 5 years ago at a garage sale. At that time, they matched perfectly with our "color scheme." Since then, many chairs, several dining room tables and a complete color change later, I thought I'd try to get rid of them at my garage sale earlier this summer. No one even looked at them. So we tried Craig's List. No one wanted them. I've always loved these sturdy, comfy chairs but they are a little bulky for our small dining spaces. Now I know that it was "destiny" (ha, ha!) that they didn't leave our home! In the midst of our kitchen remodel, I started to think that, with a little love, the pair would work well in our kitchenette area/homeschool "room."


On Sunday, my sweet husband stayed inside with our sick boys folding laundry so I could spend the afternoon outside painting the chairs. I removed two layers of upholstery and febreezed the padding. Today, I finished the third coat of black paint, reupholstered the seats in a lovely floral found on clearance for 75% off and attached new foot pads. All this took place while my boys spent an unexpected hour at a dear friend's house and during nap time. Good thing they were sick today, too...otherwise I would have actually needed to homeschool!

I love the result! Even Mike thinks they are awesome! (Good thing...I'm trying to sneak in more girly things in our living spaces...loving floral stuff right now!)


My next task is to find the perfect sized table for the chairs and the space...the beauty of the chairs is lost under the white folding table!


Jenn said...

You are truly amazing. I love your work. I need to go to a garage sale. Looking forward to pics of your remodeled kitchen! I wish you knew how inspiring you are to me. It is so nice to see pretty things. :) Love you, friend! Jenn

Carole said...

These look great! Hope your boys are feeling better soon. It was so nice to have you at the Barn Dance.

abigail said...

Lovely, these too.