Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Baby Mama Party

I was treated to a great surprise last Saturday. The boys have been planning a surprise party for me for weeks to celebrate our new baby. They secretly went shopping with Daddy and purchased all the necessary items - in pink - because, after all, I'm a girl and my favorite color must be pink. The funny thing is that I actually had a pink sweater on that day!!! Again, don't be deceived by the pink...the boys are rooting for a boy!

In my princess glory wearing a jeweled crown and earrings

My party planners at the decorated table

One of the sweet homemade signs by Luke

Chocolate cake with a "6" candle to recognize the six members of our family

My sweet boys! I was so blessed to be shown such love and kindness. They really made me feel special all day insisting that I wear my crown all evening! I even got a back scratch out of the day...ahhh!


It's The Bullocks said...

How sweet is this?!??? Truly blessed!

Jenn and Sandy said...

How sweet of all your boys! You are raising such little gentlemen! :)

WendyKrug said...

Hi Kiley! What a privilege to be able to sneak a peak into your beautiful family's daily adventures!! Such a lovely idea for all of your boys to come up with (go Daddy!). Hope your Christmas was fun and that you're feeling good and full of baby-love :)

abigail said...

This is the coolest thing ever!