Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Scottsville Yankees

Elijah and Luke are playing T-ball/Coach Pitch baseball this spring for the Scottsville Yankees! After a late start due to sloppy field conditions, low registration and only 2 practices, they had their first "game" last night. They are playing with a great group of kiddos from our town - a few older and more skilled and a few younger and just beginning to play baseball. We're looking forward to a fun year watching them play on the same team, building skills and techniques and enjoying America's favorite past time.

Go, Yankees!

Elijah waiting for some action at 2nd base

Luke is up to bat...he LOVES this game!

"...hmm...I wonder if I could sneak out there and play, too..." Isaac cheered for his brothers when they were up to bat and as they were running the bases. He might be their biggest fan - even more than mama and daddy sometimes!

Luke throwing it in from 1st base

Sizing up the ball and getting ready to swing hard

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