Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wheatland Community Church Farm Co-op

Our dear Pastor Ron and his wife, Libby are generously giving their land and LOTS of their time to help families like ours who don't have empty space to grow a garden. Well, truth be told, we have space but very rocky soil and no motivation to sift dirt and rocks anytime soon. See my Mother's Day Garden post from a year about creating the 10 x 20 garden we currently have and you'll understand. Several families are working together to create a co-op garden that will benefit our families but also to help others in need.

Collecting rock piles to dump away from the garden

The Harkness guys rototilling and weeding the strawberry patch

Luke and Isaac throwing rocks into the wheelbarrow for removal from the field

Pastor Ron and Mr. Martin preparing the soil for corn. The boys were able to help plant the first batch of corn this last weekend. Elijah LOVES corn on the cob and is thrilled that we'll get to try and grow some of our own.

We're excited for the opportunity, hard work, skill building, cooperation and blessing each family will receive by participating in this new adventure.

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