Sunday, July 5, 2009

39 Weeks

Here we are: 39 weeks, 24 lbs and ready to go!!! I can't seem to get anyone who takes quality pictures to take my picture and I'm not referring to you, my dear hubby, so I use the old mirror in the dining room trick. The boys LOVE taking my picture in the most unflattering angles highlighting all the pudgies and making me look way larger than I I do it myself when I'm freshly showered, unstained from boy crumbs & cuddles and during the bright light of the day.

All baby, all out front...with a little smackerel on the behind and thighs...

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Rigel said...

Try holding the flash down if it's a pop up flash and then taking the picture,or try using a camera setting that doesn't use the flash. That's what I do when taking a mirror portrait...if you need a source of light, use a table lamp and keep it off to the side it doesn't overpower the photo. Good luck! -Rigel