Sunday, July 5, 2009

Berenstain Bears and Ruff Ruff

Two of Isaac's other favorite things - besides the daily costume consisting of a sword, belt and black cape - are his stuffed dog, Ruff Ruff aka Dirty Dog and the Berenstain Bears. It was sweet to catch him "reading" to Ruff Ruff early one morning in the room he now shares with his brothers who, by the way, sleep through all his early morning antics...loud singing, sword fighting and general disturbia.

Can you guess his favorite Berenstain Bears book these days??? "The Berenstain Bears New Baby" where small bear becomes a big brother and gets bonked in the nose by his baby sister. Almost every time we read that story he says, "Baby ______ dunna bonk I in da nose...he, he...but dat otay."

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The John 5 said...

I guess I've not been on the computer in a while... I love all of your posts! I don't know when your due date is but it must be soon. I will pray for a healthy labor and delivery and of course the transition to follow! Your boys seem to be so happy and confident and are handsome little men too :) Great pictures of all of the big brothers and Mama too!