Friday, August 28, 2009

Isaac's 3rd Birthday

Our sweet Isaac turned 3 years old this past week! He is a rough and tumble, sweet and cuddly, ham it up little boy. He pushes the boundaries and does things in his own time. We love hearing him tell stories about fighting lions, giants, dragons and bad guys with his swords, bow and arrows and guns. There isn't a day that goes by that he isn't wearing a costume - his favorite being a superhero cape. He tries to keep up with Elijah and Luke and has learned many things earlier than we expected like riding a two wheel bike with training wheels. And at the same time, he is perfectly content to be in his own little world playing by himself. Sometimes his daring and fearless personality scare mama, but I love his spunk! He is independent and a "big boy" most of the time but usually gets his "mama's baby boy" snuggles in atleast once a day. He is a little sweetheart with a large sweet tooth. He asks atleast ten times a day to have a piece of gum, his favorite treat. What a treasure he is to our family. We are so blessed that God chose Isaac for us at the time He did...God's perfect plan has enriched our family beyond what we ever could have imagined. We love you, Isaac Joel!

Cupcakes with BLUE frosting and BLUE candles!

Just beginning to enjoy his birthday cake...

Yes, it was all over his face and the surrounding area!

Luke, Isaac, Elijah with their baseball glove and Yankee's hats...we're huge baseball fans these days!

Birthday gifts...a baseball glove and a "Hankies" hat (He can't quite say Yankees, but Hankies is close enough...)

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The John 5 said...

I know I'm really late on my comment but I was laughing out loud about his stories about getting bad guys, animals, etc. I find our Aron (3.5yrs)doing this same thing every day. Great imaginations and fearless little men!! Really late Happy Birthday to Isaac!