Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hard at Work

We're into our second week of school and things are going well for the most part...not so much with my goal of starting by 8:30am or soon after, but I'm trying to cut myself some slack knowing that sleeping in is a luxury I should enjoy while the baby sleeps. (Sadie is sleeping for a long chunk of time at night waking around 5:30am to nurse, then returning to bed for another chunk of time, then snuggling with mama while I catch a few more winks...).

The boys are starting to adjust to the new "school" routine - waking, dressing and eating right away, no TV, starting with a little independent work while mama fiddles around with whatever is pressing at that time, usually my hair (just being honest), morning chores - gathering trash and laundry, making sure pjs are put away, sweeping the dining room floor (we spend a lot of time around the table and I can't stand crumbs sticking to my feet) and so on.

A new change for us this year is that Isaac really wants to join in on the fun! I've given him his own binder full of paper, a few preschool workbooks from the Dollar Store and a pencil case filled with markers, pencils, colored pencils, erasers and pencil sharpener. He is as happy as a clam drawing circles all. over. everything. (including his arms) while asking how to spell so and so's name. He waits for his turn to have a lesson with mama, usually phonics and math, when I'm done working with Elijah and Luke. We're practicing ABC's - saying them clearly, recognizing each letter and introducing letter sounds. We spend lots of time reading ABC books, using ABC fridge magnets, writing them on a white board, etc. I am pleased that I've not been as challenged as I thought I would be in keeping Isaac busy while the older boys work. Hooray for little boys wanting to be like their big brothers!

Luke has been a joy to work with not just because he's a great little man, but he's eager to learn. We had started working with letter sounds back in early spring in hopes of getting a jump start on his Kindergarten year knowing that I'd be much more busy with a baby as well as teaching. We did a quick letter sound review the first few days and we're moving on with reading simple phonetic stories now. I am amazed at how much easier I'm finding it to teach reading with Luke. It must be, in large part, due to the experience and confidence I built from teaching Elijah.

"Pet the sad, wet cat."

"Elijah is the best big brother ever!" thought his adoring younger brothers.

Elijah is in second grade...let me just pause for a moment and catch my breath! Second grade, almost 7 years old!!! Eli is working hard this year and is beginning to remember the benefit of working diligently and quickly (but also carefully and neatly) on his school work...while he gazes out the window at his brothers playing. I am proud of the effort he's putting in so far and thankful that he's able to work more independently this year. Boy, it sure makes a difference that he can read his own directions and get started rather than constantly waiting for me to read it to him. We are working hard at improving reading and writing skills.

"Seriously, mama, I'm trying to get my narration done!"


carole said...

lol about your hair - which looks great, by the way! I love the style.

The John 5 said...

Your mornings sound about like ours (minus the baby). However, you guys seem to have the starting time and schedule down...we're still struggling to figure out what works best when--and I've only got one in Kindergarten! You're doing a great job!