Friday, November 13, 2009

Elijah's 7th Birthday

Elijah celebrated his 7th birthday last Saturday and it was a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful, friends came to play and we enjoyed family time later on in the evening.

7 candles...weren't you just born the other day???!!!

With 7 boys running around, there was lots of warfare and battles. Thankfully, none of the "good guys" were injured or killed and were able to partake of cake and chips when all wars were over.

Surrounded by eager boys...

With bellies filled and hyped up on sugar, the battles resumed...

Elijah, you are a precious gift to our family! I will always laugh when I remember the little ditty you came up with regarding this birthday..."I'm seven years old on the seventh and I've lost seven teeth!" In true character, weeks before your birthday you began the planning stages by writing out what you wanted for your birthday breakfast, type of cake and frosting with rainbow sprinkles, items for gift bags and guests to invite. You are a boy who likes order and rules, yet you have a really goofy side. I love the way you laugh hysterically at your made-up jokes as if they really made sense, but I don't think you realize they don't make sense which makes it all the more funny to me! You are an awesome big brother who deserves the admiration of your siblings. You are so sweet with Sadie as you sing lullabies and talk with her to make her smile. You are determined and you know what you want, yet you are learning to compromise and be patient with those of us who are not on the same page. You are an eager student and make my job as your "teacher" easy. I love how skinny you are watching you desperately trying to keep your slim jeans from falling down. I admire that you want to please the Lord in your words and actions and take the initiative to read your Bible and devotional on your own. I still love your eyebrows. I am so proud of how hard you've worked to learn how to read and smile as I see you snuggled on the couch, shushing everyone while you get lost in your book. I enjoy our late night cuddles when you are having a hard time getting to sleep and I often wonder if you secretly enjoy it, too. You are growing too fast...slow down and be my little boy forever! I love you! Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!


MommyB said...

Very cute!! Happy Birthday! They grow so fast!

Jenn said...

WOW, Eli!!! Can't believe that you are seven - and what an intelligent boy you are to have identified all the other important "7"s in your day! YAHOO!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Time does go by VERY fast! I've enjoyed catching up on your page (I've been so bad at stopping by lately).... The Crockett hat is GREAT! Readers are FANTASTIC! (Both of mine love reading. YAY!) Donuts look very tasty.... I think that sums it up. :)

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