Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sadie's Smile

We are loving, LOVING, LOVING Sadie's infectious smile! She is becoming more and more free in giving it to us as a reward for our antics, but also spontaneously when someone...(ahem)...mama walks in the room. Those big brothers sure are funny! The pictures below are in response to Elijah being a goofball! And they are the first really good pictures we've captured of her smile!!!

We sure do love this little girl! It's hard to believe she's 5 months old...practically a little girl, no longer a newborn! She's full of girly screeches especially when the brothers are surrounding her(girls ARE different than boys), loves to cuddle (mama, that is...), loves mama so much that she's waking once or twice a night to visit (I'm trying not to wish this time away too quickly), is starting to tolerate daddy more and even enjoy him (if mama isn't in the room) and charms us with her "shy" act by grinning and hiding her face on my shoulder. Did you catch that she loves her mama??? A. LOT. What a joy and blessing she is to our family! I can still hardly believe that she's ours, our sweet, adorable Sadie-Katie!!!


MommyB said...

Hooray for happy babies!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Happy babies ARE awesome!! :)

Tanara was just like that when she was a baby... an ABSOLUTE mama's girl.... Of course, I really didn't mind, but other people had to hold her face out and out of site of mommy. :) She's definitely turned into a daddy's girl just as much as a mommy's girl, so tell your hubby that it will come. In time. :)

She's gorgeous, guys!! :)