Thursday, February 11, 2010

100th Day

We had our 100th day of school last week. On a whim, I decided to make a little celebration of it! It's little things like this that I want to do more of rather than always feeling compelled to stick with our usual routine.

We made a 100 target and tossed hacky sacks at the wall trying to hit the bull's eye... we need to get out the energy in any way we can!!!

T-shirts stamped with 100 dots (or hundreds if you are Isaac) and cake with 100 chocolate chips. Great for counting by 2's to 100!

Each boy counted out 100 Legos and designed something.

We ate snacks sorted into piles of 5's and 10's, counted coins, read the clock, hopped & jumped & wiggled for 100 seconds among other fun and silly things. The boys had a blast and I felt like the Queen of Cool Mamas for doing something out of the ordinary!


Angela said...

I remember when the school I taught at used to celebrate 100 days. It was always so cute to see the kindergarteners parading around the halls.

Jennifer said...

You are the queen of cool mamas in my book. So creative Kiley! Way to think outside the box. You're awesome!!

Linda said...

Oh...I wish we were neighbors! That looks like so much fun!