Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wudjuh say Igick?

You gotta know Isaac to understand him sometimes. And even though we are working on his speech, I just love the way he says some things and the things he says...
*yet, you're abtoewutlwee wight! (yes, you're absolutely right!)

*my pleajure! (my pleasure!)

*dadie ids our pwincess. (sadie is our princess.)

*no dirls allowed! (no girls allowed!)

*may i pleeds have a pieds of dum? id's up dere dumwhere. (may i please have a piece of gum? it's up there somewhere.) Oh wait, that isn't cute after the 23rd time in a day.

*i love you! He says this correctly and he tells me this all the time in a sing-songy way.

*Igick Joe Varwew (Isaac Joel Farwell)

He's cute. He's three. (and a half.) I love him, too!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I'm sitting here pronouncing all of these out. You make me smile, Igick's mom! Linda