Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Luke Loves Reading

My Luke loves reading! He is challenging this step-by-step, checklist mom of his big time!!! He just wants to find a book he likes and read it. I want to go through our phonics curriculum lesson by lesson. (Which, by the way, we use The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading for oral lessons and LOVE IT! We use Explode the Code for written phonics review and love that, too!) So, we're compromising! We do an "official" phonics lesson several times a week, but we read several pages of an easy reader everyday introducing new phonics sounds as we come across them. I've started throwing in sight word flashcards a couple days a week as well. I have seen his reading blossom over the past two months and as much as I like my orderly routine for learning to read I know his success is because I am not forcing him to follow my orderly routine. His attitude is great and I don't have to coerce him to sit and read with me...ahem...like before when I was making him do the lessons every day.

Luke just finished reading the Adventures of Little Bear and is starting Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends. Thanks Uncle Dave, Aunt Holly, and Steven for the great books!!! They are a treasure and perfect for Luke right now!!!

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