Thursday, July 1, 2010

Messy Bun

I like long hair. I don't like ponytails day after day. They just don't look so chic and well, when you're tres chic like me (ha, ha), you just feel sloppy with your pony bobbing around. I've always admired the messy bun look. My sister-in-law told me how she creates hers by looping hair around her elastic, but I tried that way and I was all thumbs. The end result was ugly bun. Not the look I'm going for.

Anyhow, I gave up for a few weeks, but suddenly it occurred to me that certainly someone had posted Internet videos on ways of creating a messy bun. And was I right! After watching about eleventy billion you tube tutorials on how to create a messy bun, I gave it a go...and I like the result.

I created a ponytail with an elastic (you do remember how good I am at creating those, right?!...). Then used another elastic to pull my hair through almost all the way securing the ends in the elastic. Next, I used about five or six bobby pins to loop some sections of the larger bun around the elastics holding them in place to create a messy look. Does that even make sense??? it.

Don't you love my pjs hanging in the background...

This is the kind of picture I like taken of me...kind-of out of focus and hides most of my face. I'm so critical of myself in photos and if you saw the stash we have of myself, you'd understand why...


Anonymous said...

Well, that's it then! I guess our friendship is over. I'll remember the good times. That's O.K., because they like ponytails at Smuckers. Perhaps, they'll accept me along with my application for their Official Jam Maker position.

Pony Tail Gal

P.S. Your messy bun looks beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Your messy bun looks great. Very elegant actually. I love it!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

love it!! :)