Friday, July 16, 2010

Painted Cabinet

Those near and dear to me know that I have an obsession for cabinets like this. We own three of them, all purchased at different times, from different locations, in different states of finishedness. Two of them currently sit in our livingroom and function as storage for school books, desk supplies, and electronic equipment. I love that they look like built-ins.

This third cabinet has been waiting patiently in our basement to be repaired and used.

We decided it would be awfully sweet in Sadie's room. After snippets of time over the course of two weeks, we transformed this dull, un-sanded, half-stained mess into a painted beauty.

Cuteness on top of the cabinet...sheep from Grandpa and Grammy Potter, Mama's baby blanket, two vintage quilts - one local, the other from Walnut, IA (besides Grandma Norma, one of my favorite places to visit in Iowa).

It's move in ready...I still need to find glass knobs for the doors.

Now to find the time to shift all her clothing from the old dresser to here...


Linda said...

Very, very pretty!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Someone gave us one of these. It was from a historic hotel in downtown Houston so since it was hotel furniture it is HEAVY and TOUGH. Could you please come and redo it for me???