Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pool Blessings

Back in the spring, I was lamenting that our boys didn't really know how to swim, they were timid almost scared at times in the water, and we didn't have a way to remedy that problem. So, I began to pray that somehow we'd be able to learn to swim this summer. The Lord answered in a BIG way! Now we have TWO places to swim any time we want. TWO. Thanks, Lord!!! And those timid boys have disappeared. In fact, I think they've turned into fish.

The first blessing came from an acquaintance in town whose family had been given a free six month membership to the YMCA. Her family was not going to use it. She offered it to our family. WOW! We're talking $600 that we would not have spent on our own. We have this membership until November.

The second blessing came when our lifeguard babysitter gave us paperwork to join the Riverton Community Pool where she works in the summer because she knew that I wanted to get the boys into swimming lessons. This pool hasn't offered to sell outside memberships in years, but God opened the door! Three pools - a diving pool, a shallow pool, and a kiddie pool - something for everyone. It's only a 5 minute drive from our home.

The boys are taking lessons at Riverton and they are cheap! I think that counts as the third blessing from the Lord. Eight lessons for $25. We've been spending every afternoon at the pool for the past two weeks and have been loving every minute of it. The class size is super small and occasionally each of my boys have been the only student in the lesson.

Can we say huge blessing and answered prayer any more clearly???!!!

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