Saturday, August 14, 2010

Livingroom Organization

I've been working hard to get our house organized especially our main living areas in anticipation of starting back to school in a few weeks. I don't function well in chaos and I believe it is harder for the children to focus in the midst of messes.

My main goal was to get everything up off the floor to "create" more living space in our living room. If we can't do something in the kitchen or dining room, the livingroom is the only other option on our main floor. All the boy's toys are in their room, sorted into labeled tubs (things like legos, matchbox cars, and playmobil pieces) and small photo boxes (things like rock collections, k'nex, marbles, and spy gear). Sadie's toys were starting to take over the livingroom...ugh...can't stand that! This cabinet above holds our computer gear, DVD player, cable box, bill/important paper organizer, and some office type supplies. The bottom two shelves now hold Sadie's toys, diapers, and wipes. Phew...freed up about 6 sq. ft. of space. It doesn't sound like much, but if you've been in our living room with our entire family or laid on the floor in a circle reading a good book or tried to set up the most awesome wooden train track, you'd know how precious the space can be.

Moved all our DVDs to a dresser that functions as our TV stand. The remaining drawers have desk supplies, address and phone books, kid's art/craft supplies, and Wii paraphernalia.

An identical cabinet holds our school books, manipulatives, and office supplies the kiddos are not allowed to use without permission (permanent markers, batteries, and sharp scissors). And scotch tape...they could use a roll a day doing who knows what!!! Everything we need for our school days in right within reach and out of sight. LOVE!

And this is what we do with open spaces to play...


WendyKrug said...

wow! looks amazing! i miss seeing your little updates to your beautiful home as they unfold.

Laurie said...

Haha, what is it with scotch tape and kids? Mine are the same way. Looks great-very organized!

Jennifer said...

Wow - this looks fantastic. You're great with organization...and countless other things!!