Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Math Fact Tables

The Dollar Tree has knocked it out of the park again! These posters are perfect for helping the boys practice skip counting, addition tables, and multiplication tables.

But since I'm high on design (ha, ha) they don't quite fit into my decorating scheme in the dining room aka the school room. I revolt at the idea of hanging school-type posters in our living areas.

I cut them up to fit our we have flashcard sized fact cards! SCORE! Much prettier than the few I had made and the other ones I was neglecting to make!

With such a bargain, I got one set for each there's no excuse for not practicing our facts!

We've also really been enjoying our Schoolhouse Rock dvd during lunch time for review!

**editted to add: I ordered Addition Songs and Multiplication Songs for the boys and they just came in the mail. As soon as I opened the package, Luke yelled, "Run away so we don't have to listen to them!" HA!!! That's why I plan to use them in the car! Joke's on them!!! (insert evil homeschooling mama laugh!!!!!!!!) But Sadie is getting her groove on to them right now, so my guess is that she'll have them memorized long before the boys.


Olivia said...

You are way ahead of when I learned the multi facts. I remember laboring over those in the fifth grade. Teacher had a chart on the wall for all to see everyones progress. Big motivation to not be the last one to finish! Yeah, Sadie!

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea!