Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilting Frenzy - One Year Later

After my quilting frenzy almost one year ago, this lovely quilt sat on my closet shelf just waiting for me to finish hand-stitching the binding. It's funny how I am finding myself discontent with just sitting and vegging out in the evenings due a self-imposed lull in the doll making business. I really like keeping my hands busy with creative pursuits. It refreshes me. Anyhow, it took just over an hour to finish up the binding on this quilt and now it's perfect for snuggling under during these snowy, cold winter days.

P.S. Not all of my quilts come with a clashing fabric clad baby appliqued to the top :o) !!! I couldn't keep her off it to take pictures...her favorite - rolling from edge to edge, then very primly sitting up to straighten any wrinkles that had occurred. Ha!

1 comment:

Olivia said...

Oh my; it is beautiful! The applique is even beautifuller!