Monday, January 10, 2011

In Your Face Cow

Time for an art project!!! I loved this project when I first saw it here... I've always had an odd affection for cows...maybe because I love milk or maybe because I grew up surrounded by dairy farms or maybe just because I'm weird. I still don't mind their nose tickling stench...smells like home. Not literally, but it reminds me of Independence and Hallsport, old neighbors, bike hikes with friends (Annie), the General Store where we bought penny candy and 10 cent popsicles, the crick where we swam and explored, and the church where my faith began to grow. I no longer own all the cow figurines and paraphernalia I had as a child, but now I've got something better! Great cow art by my boys!

Elijah, 8 years

Luke, 6 years

Isaac's UGLY cow (with a little assistance with drawing), 4 years


Anonymous said...

Their drawings are so very good! John is going to love them in the morning. He loves cows, too.

Olivia said...


Tarah said...

it's a country girl thing. i had the cow paraphernalia too. :) did you draw the cows? they're great!

Liana said...

Thanks for the shout-out :)

and...nice cows!