Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making Vintage Style Banner

I cut into my vintage sheets...first. time. ever. Somehow I wrapped myself up like a taco trying to figure out how to cut it...oh my! (okay, that's not really true, but I did have to wrangle it like a cowgirl...he, he!) How does one cut large sheets into little pieces without getting buried under Mt. Yardage?!

I thought I would make a ruffle curtain first, however, I had a stack of pre-cut triangles I had purchased from here to make a banner! I know I am totally behind the times in the sewing world and you all have been making banners for years... Anyhow, because most of my pieces were pre-cut, I knew it would be an easy project to complete. I cut a few more triangles from sheets I had found while thrifting and from a fat quarter pack I had purchased here (this lovely gal is a Christian...support like minded homeschooling mamas!!!)

There has been too much grey, rainy, and cool around here so I decided to decorate one of our trees today while the sun was shining for 20 minutes...before the thundershowers. Sigh! Making pretty inside the house since that is where we spend most of our time. Praying for the outside beauty to follow very soon.

Isn't that like our hearts?! We should be diligent at making our hearts "pretty" inside (ridding our hearts of sin and putting on Christ-like character traits) and then what is seen on the outside (our words, facial expressions, mannerisms) will reflect our pretty hearts. Yay...sewing and faith mixed together. That's a winning combination for me!!!

I am attempting to make my own double fold bias binding from a sheet for the banner tonight...another first! I'll post completed pictures when I'm finished!!!

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katie jean said...

I love that you made this! Such fun, and it looks so cute in your tree too.