Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New "Vintage" Friends

My memory is foggy on how I stumbled across the vintage sheet world, but a few months back, I found Katie Jean and began following her blog. During the month of March, The Vintage Sheet Blog was hosting giveaways (from other vintage sheet lovin' gals) every day to celebrate their one year blog-aversary. It was during that time that my love for vintage sheets began to grow. I've found and follow many new "favorite" blogs. Anyhow, Katie Jean was a giveaway host one day and I won her giveaway!!! Squeal!!! It has been fun "meeting" new crafting friends and Katie Jean seems like a super, sweet one!!!

Miss Clementine is layin' out catching some rays on her sweet flowery doll quilt! Well, not really, but I couldn't resist mentioning the fact that we actually have SUNSHINE and WARMTH today...finally feels like the first day of spring!!! The tree's leaves are opening before my eyes! I'm betting that Katie Jean packed a buncha California sun in her package just for me!!!

This is the best picture I could get of Sadie Katie...not very cooperative today, but who can blame her?! She was having so much fun covering up "Tine" for night-night.

We have to work on those mothering and smothering skills...he, he!

Miss Lola and Miss Clementine tucked in for nap time with Sadie...night-night girlies!

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katie jean said...

I love all your pictures! They did turn out so great. And I adore your little quilt. I love seeing all my favorite bits of fabric on there! thank you :)