Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sadie's Room & Vintage Sheet Banner

We were hanging out in Sadie's room today for a while doing pretty dances while listening to our Fisher Price Record Player. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures! I want to bring some of this color to the rest of our main living areas...

Quilt found in Walnut, of my favorite towns to visit when we make our way to Iowa to visit one of our favorite grandmas!!!

My brothers and I had one of these record players when we were growing up. I found this one at a yard sale for $3 before Mike and I even had children. We discovered that Sadie loves dancing to it a 'rina! (ballerina!)

I finished my first vintage sheet banner. Most of the "front" pieces of the banner were pre-cut. I used one sheet to make "back" pieces for each triangle to make them a little more stiff. I wasn't worried about frayed edges (which is a bit unusual for me...hmmm...).

I placed two triangles wrong sides together and sewed down each side. No pinning. No turning. No perfection.

Perfectly imperfect...and it just works somehow.

I used part of another fabulous sheet to make the binding strips. I had intended on making double fold binding. I have never made it before.

Still haven't.

After I got it cut, I realized it wasn't quite wide enough to fold over twice.

Oh would have been good to read some directions somewhere...

The funny thing is that I have perfectionistic tendencies in so many areas of my life, but with sewing/creative arts, I don't want to follow any rules. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

This time, it worked out in my favor because I had already left the triangle edge's raw...and now the binding matches. Raw edges and more raw shabby chic!

For now it hangs in Sadie's room, but I'm thinking on hanging it in my living room...or maybe I'll make another one!!!

And what do you think about Sadie's hanging lamp??? I love it!!! (But I might need to recover it with some vintage sheets...he, he!!!) I got the idea here

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~julee~ said...

I love your vintage bunting - very pretty!

I also had that Fisher Price record player - I'd put my little people on it and watch them go round and round!

Olivia said...

Sadie's rm/bed look precious. I love the banner. I had one of those record players for my boys, too.

amy smart said...

Kiley - It looks so great! Way to let go of the perfectionist tendencies too. :) Also, I love the Fisher Price record player. I'm such a classic FP junkie.

Wendy said...