Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Sheet Collection

After a few months and numerous stops at local thrift shops, I've gathered a great collection of vintage sheets and pillowcases. My last shopping trip brought in the motherload from a store that is fairly new that I haven't visited much. Many of the sheets were clearance priced from $3.98 down to $1.98. Ha, ha...even the thrift store has clearance prices! I love it!!! I got most of my pinks during that trip.

What's up first on my project list??? I'm thinking a ruffled curtain for Sadie's room similar to this ruffle quilt mentioned here. Now the big problem is getting up the nerve to cut into the sheets. I'm like that with many things - esp. fabric! If it is a fabric that I love, I always hesitate to use it for fear that I'll use it all up and not have any pieces left. Silly, I know! If I would just do it, then I'd have a wonderful creation to use and enjoy with fabric I love rather than a lovely piece of yardage sitting on my shelf.


Olivia said...

The very first pink in the very first picture is MY sheet. Well, it may not be mine; but, is the exact sheet I rec'd for a wedding gift. Love those big flowers!

katie jean said...

I love them all! And I totally understand what you mean. I am always reluctant to cut up fabric that I love. But those sheets are really huge, and there is always more out there :)

HammBone said...

I love vintage sheets, and even have some of the same! They are hard to pass up!

Bonita Rose said...

omg.. u scored.. beauty right there!!!!!!! I'm like you.. I hate to cute them up myself! Silly!

Lyssa said...

WE have the same creative minds! I love your collection of sheets. And I too want to make that exact quilt for my two girls. I have it up on my board on pinterest!
I was feeling that way the other day about cutting them's so final! But I think you will do awesome!
So glad I found your vintage sheet loving blog!
Thanks for linking up to thrifty thursdays!

liz said...

Love it! You have some of my very favorite prints there!