Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working On

My sewing table this week...finished up all customer orders (and favors for friends) and am taking a month long vacation from sewing projects for other people to work on my own projects...and breathe a little, too!

I love the bright colors at my eye level when I'm sewing. I sit the spools I'm currently using on the window sill in front of me.

I made four more Owl Rice Bags for a friend...not for sale, mind you, even though she is covering the costs of supplies. Super cuddly and warm!

Necessary supplies while sewing...

Brown-eyed and blue-eyed beauties are headed off to Florida

Little Miss Orange Hair and Miss Blondie are headed off to New Mexico...these colored eyes are SO fabulous!!! What a sweet, little change they make to the doll's faces! And I just LOVE that orange haired doll...curly piggies and all!


jillian said...

love, love, love the owls! can't wait to get them in the morning:) you are amazing!

Gesch Family said...

Oh,I love the sneak peek of my cute dolls! I may have a hard time giving them away!!!

Sally said...

Look at those girls -- they are so cute!!! I am trying to figure out how to use my reader and realize I have missed all kinds of goodness over here! (i need to get myself educated, i think!)
Have a wonderful week!