Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shoelaces and Buttons

Little fingers love to play with little things. I picked up two packages of these large buttons (with large button holes!!!) from Joann's for a few dollars each (@ $2.99 each). I found the colorful shoelaces at Target for a few dollars per pair (@ $1.99 each). Both the buttons and the shoelaces came in assorted bright colors. I keep these items in my room and Sadie enjoys stringing the buttons while I get ready in the morning. Fine motor skills practice in it's simplest form!

*a word of caution - buttons, even large ones like these, could potentially be a choking hazard!*

I also gave her a few plastic, white spools from thread I've used up recently!

And by the way, MY DAD ROCKS!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love Sadie!