Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Happy Hollisters

Oh boy! The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West is a great series that we enjoy! I found this lovely copy at my thrift store for $0.99. The lady shopping next to me probably thought I found a really valuable book when I cheered. Out loud. Apparently this copy was one of the most popular books in the series and is very easy to find. It's valued around $4.oo...but for the adventure, imaginative play, and excitement it envokes in my boys, I'd say it's priceless.


Kelly said...

I'm not familiar with this series, Kiley? What ages is it appropriate for? And do you think girls would enjoy it?

Kiley said...

Hi Kelly! I would say they are similar to Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children. Mystery-Adventure with a family of 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys), parents, pets. Good, clean reading. I leave my boys to read on their own without previewing the books. The girls are as involved in the mystery solving as their brothers, so I think it appeals equally to boys and girls (like Boxcar Children).

Kelly said...

Good to know! Will have to keep my eyes open for some! Thanks!